When we decided to get one gaited horse after moving to the Ozark foothills in SW MO in 1999, we didn't realize that it was going to turn into different activities including NCHA events with Quarter Horses, TN Walking/Spotted Saddle Horses, and a small, commercial cattle herd.  We relocated to our home state of Arkansas in 2020 and absolutely love our views of the mountains from both our front and back yards.

We loved all the aspects of our past, but we have cut back to enjoy more fun and less work. To do this, we now have sold our cattle, and we are getting down to the gaited horses we ride here in the Arkansas Ozarks and on trips throughout the United States.

We occasionally have a horse or foal for sale, so be sure and check back periodically for new additions to our herd.

Bob and Adrienne Willett