Jackson has been our herd stallion since he was breeding age. He is not just a breeding stallion, though, as we ride him where we ride all our other horses. He has a smooth, trail riding gait that he passes on to his foals, along with his people personality and good mind. He can be ridden with and trailered with mares - many times, people are surprised to find out he is a stallion because his manners are so good.  We do not ship semen and no longer have our broodmare band, so Jackson is up for sale for $7500. He is homozygous black/homozygous tobiano, so he will always throw spotted foals that are either black, bay, buckskin or smokey black, when bred to non-dilute mares. If he doesn't sell, we will be gelding Jackson sometime in the future and add him to our trail horse group.

Stud Fee: $400
Mare Care: $7/day
(any veterinary intervention needed charged to mare owner)