Jackson has been our herd stallion since he was breeding age. He is not just a breeding stallion, though, as we ride him where we ride all our other horses. He has a smooth, trail riding gait that he passes on to his foals, along with his people personality and good mind. He can be ridden with and trailered with mares - many times, people are surprised to find out he is a stallion because his manners are so good.  He will meet you at the gait to be haltered, loves to be handled, has good breeding manners and can be hand bred or pasture bred.  We no longer are breeding, so Jackson is up for sale for $5500.

We will continue to stand Jackson until he sells.  We do not ship semen, on the farm breeding only, and we will not breed mares who are not halter broke and easy to handle.  He is homozygous black/homozygous tobiano, so he will always throw spotted foals that are either black, bay, buckskin or smokey black, when bred to non-dilute mares.

Stud Fee: $400
Mare Care: $7/day
(any veterinary intervention needed charged to mare owner)