Directions: Find your origination, follow that route, then go to the bottom of this page for directions once in Greenfield

West from Springfield - stay on I-44 until you get to the Highway 96 (to Avilla) exit. Your GPS may try to get you to turn off earlier, but this will take you on small, curvy roads. Follow 96 (you can only go west off of I-44) to Highway 39 and turn right (north) on 39.  Follow 39 to Greenfield.  We are about one hour from Springfield. 

East from Joplin - stay on I-44 until you get to Mount Vernon, MO.  Take the Highway H exit, turn left and stay on H until you get to Highway 39 (traffic light at Wal-Mart). Turn left (north) on 39 and follow 39 to Greenfield. We are a little over one hour from Joplin.

South from Kansas City - stay on I-49 until you get to Highway 126 (about 6 miles south of Lamar). Turn left on Highway 126 towards Golden City.  Go though Golden City until you get to Highway 160. Turn right on 160 and follow all the way to Highway 39 (you will go through the city of Lockwood).  Turn left on 39/160 and come into Greenfield. We are about 2.5 hours from Overland Park and about 3 hours from the KC Airport area (+/- depending upon traffic in the KC metro area).

South from Boliver (Highway 13) - Set your GPS for Greenfield (you will be on small, back roads). If it brings you through Dadeville, Highway H to our place will be on the right, just as you enter Greenfield (see directions from Highway H on to our place below).  If it brings you to Highway H in the Stockton Lake area, you will go about 6 miles once you turn left on Highway H until you get to our place on the right.

Once in Greenfield - Go all the way through Greenfield, staying on 160 (39 will veer off to the left about 1/2 way through Greenfield, continue on 39).  As you get to the end of town, you will see a convenience/gas station on your left and Stockton Lake Outfitters on your right.  Highway H is just past the convenience store. Turn left (north) on H and go exactly 3.1 miles to our drive on the left.  You will go through 4 sharp curves - our house is the first house on the left about 1/2 miles from the 4th curve. You will go down a small hill and back up a hill - our drive is at the top of the hill right across the highway from County Road 84.  Slow down and don't go past, especially with a trailer as it can be hard to find a place to turn around. If you have a truck and trailer, just pull on in to the right of the house driveway on the gravel drive.